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What is Opportunities Unlimited?

Opportunities Unlimited is a boutique-consulting firm located in Boston, Massachusetts. We create new business opportunities and solve existing client challenges by providing customized solutions. This is achieved through a combination of Management Consulting, Professional Speaking, Training and Facilitation work.

Why are you called "The Opportunity Guy"?

After beginning Opportunities Unlimited in 1996, I started receiving several messages on my answering machine from colleagues and associates. People were looking for Mr. Opportunity or asking what types of Opportunities I had to offer clients. Early on I recognized the importance of branding and creating a unique marketplace identity. On a hot July morning I became "The Opportunity Guy!" I offer clients my experience and creative ability to provide their businesses with new opportunities.

What makes "The Opportunity Guy" unique?

As a management consultant, I provide clients with results oriented business experience and pragmatic solutions to achieve their goals and create new opportunities.

As a professional speaker, I provide high-energy audience focused programs that engage and entertain with useful concepts and ideas. A number of my sessions are unconventional in nature and challenge people to think differently. There are also a few programs done in costume; this allows attendees a chance to lighten up and have fun, so learning takes place.

What are your most popular topic areas?

In the Tourism & Hospitality areas my sessions on "Getting Turned ON in the Off Season" and "The Power of Packaging" are Signature sessions.

For Hospitality and Service Industry organizations my sessions on "Customer Connections through UFEs, UFOs & U" (Unforgettable Experiences) and "Managing My Motivation" resonate with diverse audiences from varying backgrounds and experiences.

Sales sessions include "Customer Focused Selling" and "Taking Your Show on the Road." These programs transfer across industries to target sales growth and business development opportunities.

How will the sessions resonate with different audiences?

Each program is tailored to meet the desired outcome of the meeting planner and the target audience. This is accomplished through a Pre-program Questionnaire that outlines the goals and objectives of the session. In addition, I collaborate with the organizer to speak with a number of audience members to provide me with added insight on the group.

Are your programs motivational?

All my sessions contain motivational components, real life stories and fun for best results. When there are opportunities to include situations that demonstrate what life has taught me, it allows the audience to make a personal connection. They can then think about how the session material may be applied to their life whether personal or professional and what actions they need to take.

What is your goal in presenting a program to a group?

My goal in presenting to audiences is to create an "Unforgettable Experience" when I speak. I tell audiences that the next time I see them, I want to know what they have done as a result of the session and ideas shared in a program.

How can I engage the Opportunity Guy for a project or program?

Joe Veneto, The Opportunity Guy is a management consultant and professional speaker in the Tourism & Hospitality Industries. He provides motivational keynotes and high content sessions on a variety of topics to national associations and corporations throughout North America. He may be reached at Opportunities Unlimited, (617) 786-9096, Joe@opportunityguy.com or www.opportunityguy.com

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