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Opportunities Unlimited has developed a comprehensive turn-key system to create compelling consumer travel packages.

The System will enable DMOs, travel suppliers (hotels, inns, B&Bs, attractions, cultural organizations, arts groups, historic sites, restaurants, etc.) and tour operators to create, market, promote and deliver seamless packages to travelers. The System outlines the travel packaging process in a step-by-step approach.

Included in the System are the tools and techniques necessary for each step in the packaging process. There are package models and examples, pricing case studies and costing sheets, package templates, as well as forms and worksheets for every stage of the process.

In addition, chapters on package distribution channels, marketing, promotion and evaluation will ensure success once packages are created. Each chapter contains a step-by-step guide and an action plan that, once completed, moves you along in your packaging process. The System is turn-key, easy to use and will generate results!

The complete Power of Travel Packaging System sells for $599.

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The Sample Chapters Include:


The Business of Travel Packaging What Opportunities Does it Represent for My Business?


Package Models & Possibilities
What Are Examples of Inventive Packages?

III. The Process of Packaging
What is the Method for Creating Successful Packages?
IV. Package Design
How Do I Design Compelling Packages for Consumers & Groups?
V. Package Pricing
How Do I Price My Packages?
VI. Package Distribution
How Do I Reach Customers Through Mulitple Distribution Channels?
VII. Package Marketing
How Do I Market and Promote My Packages?
VIII. Package Administration
How Do I Manage the Operational Details of My Packages?
IX. Package Evaluation
How Do I Assess and Adapt My Packages?
Appendix: Packaging Development Tools and Templates